YK’s $10,000 sidewalk patio incentive

A shot of Yellowknife City Hall. (Supplied by City of Yellowknife.)
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The City of Yellowknife is offering sidewalk patio incentive to eligible property owners.

Restaurant owners, located in designated areas within the downtown, can apply for up to $10,000 towards the installation of a sidewalk patio.

This in an effort by city officials to expand restaurant seating on sidewalks to help them meet physical distancing requirements.

The city is also urging business owners to get creative and contact them directly to discuss alternative ways to facilitate business under the new requirements.

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Mayor Rebacca Alty made the announcement in a statement sent Tuesday May 26th saying, “The outdoor space that this program provides will also facilitate physical distancing.”

For more information and to apply for a City of Yellowknife patio incentive, visit Yellowknife.ca or call 920 5600

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