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A year reflection of my Journalism Life

Time flys when you’re working your dream job. Getting to witness history and meeting people from all walks of life is one of my favourite parts of my Journalism Life.

I even got to meet the sheep in Fort Saskatchewan. Arthur C. Green

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me to get to this point in my career. Without your kindness and support, I really think things would be different now.

Being in the right place at the right time is always good. Arthur C. Green

Going where the story takes me and being on the frontline as news happens is pretty exciting I admit, but I have also faced some tough days throughout the last year. Not every day is roses in this profession and lots of times I see things nobody should ever have to witness.

” Journalism is my passion, I love telling people’s stories, being the voice of the voiceless and helping others.”

Arthur C. Green

My job enables me to hear and see some of the harsher stories in life and then I must report them to the world.

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Photography is my favourite part of my job, meeting new people is the other. Arthur C. Green

Being a very compassionate person this makes this part of my job the toughest. My heart breaks for the families involved when I have to announce that their loved one has been killed in a terrible accident or missing and I often have secret cries at my desk with the door locked or in my car.

Storm chasing in Alberta. Arthur C. Green

While I was working in Newfoundland, spot-news accident reporting was my main gig. Therefore, when Postmedia called from Alberta with a job offer last December I immediately packed my car, grabbed Alf and headed for the ferry.

Go where life takes you. Arthur C. Green

The drive across Canada will be something I will never forget. Having Alf take over my social media during my five-day adventure was pretty awesome. I made tons of friends along the way and managed to leave a smile on everyone’s face that I met. Getting 400,000 social media notifications in five days was mind-blowing.

Hiking in the backwoods of Alberta till a Grizzley bear spoiled my fun. Arthur C. Green

I did some pretty amazing things and wrote some great stories while working in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta for seven months. From helping a Newfoundland woman fight and win her long term disability after being cut off by the company, to being on stage taking photos with Canadian rock legend Tom Cochrane, my days were packed full of helping bring the community together while reporting the news.

Being on stage with Tom Cochrane taking photos is something I’ll never forget. Arthur C. Green

I even got to meet the Edmonton Oilers mascot and had a child’s stolen McDavid jersey replaced.

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A defining moment. Arthur C. Green

I was able to get all of Canada to wish my hometown friend David Reid a happy birthday in memory of Parker Tobin.

I watched 1929 Model-T’s zoom around a track, covered four elections with sleepless nights, was surrounded in a giant herd of sheep, reported on the massive splitter which tied up traffic in Alberta and I even got to witness a co-worker ask the Premier of Alberta to move aside so he could see the horses in the background at a press conference. Yes, this really happened.

One of my best shots this year. Arthur C. Green/100.1 The Moose

I even caught a deadbeat contractor who was ripping off senior citizens with snow clearing in Fort Saskatchewan and jumped in a glacier-fed lake in the backwoods of Alberta with the Major of Bruderheim on a five-day canoeing trip. Just to name a few moments which stick out in my mind.

Going where my camera takes me. Arthur C. Green

When I chose this career, I always said, I would go where my camera takes me. This journey of Journalism Life is far from over and it now has landed me North of 60 in Yellowknife with VistaRadio.

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Arthur C. Green

I look forward to providing the same quality of work to the residents of the NWT. I’m excited to have a full access pass for Scotiabank Hockey Day in Canada in February which will enable me to record those special moments for the residents of Yellowknife.

A cold day. Arthur C. Green

Journalism is my passion, I love telling people’s stories, being the voice of the voiceless and helping others.

My Journalism Life is once forever and I am excited to see what the new year brings. Hopefully, warmer temperatures. Happy New Year.

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