The Yellowknife Salvation Army thanks residents for a Christmas kettle miracle

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Caring about your neighbour is what Christmas is all about and Yellowknife residents did just that with there generous donations to the Salvation Army Kettle Drive this Christmas season.

“Our goal was $42,000,” Cadet Jason Brinson said. “We exceeded it by bringing in over $43,000.”

Cadet Brinson would like to thank the community for their generous support of The Salvation Army.

“Our dedicated volunteers and our faith and community groups who gave of their time to help with our campaign, “Cadet Brinson said. “We count it a great privilege to be the stewards of these funds and commit to using them wisely to provide client assistance throughout the year.”

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There are so many people to thank, so to avoid missing anyone, Cadet Brinson would simply like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Salvation Army efforts this Christmas season and throughout the year.

“In addition, I am thankful for our media partners, including 100.1 The Moose, for helping us with coverage of our stories and events, food drives, clothing donations and much more,” Cadet Brinson said. “We are blessed to be a part of this great community and with your continued support of your time, talents and treasures, we will continue to offer hope to those in our community who need our help.”

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