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Babysitter of husky living outside in freezing van says dog is well cared for

YK residents, who wish to be left unnamed, sent Moose News photos of a dog left outside chained to a van with the door left open which provides minimal protection from the colder temperatures the residents say. The babysitter of the husky has come forward to set the record straight.

Rose who wishes only to give her first name says the dog has been living in the van for nine years and refuses to come inside.

“She’s been living in that thing for nine years,” Rose said. “She doesn’t like it inside like other dogs. When I pick her up and bring her inside she cries.”

Rose says the RCMP in Yellowknife has stopped by to check out the situation and says the Officer’s comment was that “She has a nice dog house” referring to the van that the dog lives in.

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“The dog is not malnourished and I feed her lots of calories three times a day,” Rose told Moose News. “What am I supposed to do if the dog won’t come inside.”

Rose added that the dog is a beautiful nature dog.

“She’s a very nice friendly dog and we walk her three to four times a day,” Rose said. “And then the elders from the church also walk her. There is nothing wrong with the dog whatsoever and the neighbors know that the dog will not come inside.”

Rose says they have tried to build an adequate sized dog house but the pooch loves the van.

“She is well-loved and cared for,” Rose concluded.

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