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New Chief Judge of the Territorial Court appointed

The Chief Judge maintains their judicial responsibilities and provides general supervision for arranging and direction over the sittings of the Territorial Court and assigning judges for Territorial Court hearings, as well as oversight on the Justice of the Peace program.

The Territorial Court hears both criminal and civil matters, including family law, child protection, the Wellness Court and civil claims under $35,000.

 On October 2,  Louis Sebert, Minister of Justice announced the appointment of the Honourable Robert D. Gorin as the new Chief Judge for the Territorial Courts effective October 2, at 5:00 p.m.

The appointment follows the conclusion of the Honourable Christine Gagnon’s appointment as Chief Judge, effective October 2. Each Chief Judge serves a term of five years as outlined in the Territorial Courts Act and may not serve consecutive terms. The Chief Judge is selected from the current sitting Territorial Court judiciary and is appointed by the Commissioner in Executive Council.

Judge R.D. Gorin was appointed to the Territorial Court in 2005 after practicing law for 15 years in the NWT and has sat as a judge in communities across the territory. He has previously served an appointment as Chief Judge from 2009-2014.

Along with Judge Gorin, the Territorial Court comprises of the Honourable Judge Christine Gagnon, the Honourable Judge G.E. Malakoe and the Honourable Judge D. F. Molloy.

Under the Territorial Courts Act specific requirements outline the role of Chief Judge including the requirement to always have the role fulfilled without vacancy.

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