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The City of Yellowknife supports the global climate strike

The City of Yellowknife recognizes the immediate need for action to combat climate change and supports the Global Climate Strike.

On Friday, September 27, 2019 many Yellowknifers will leave their classrooms and workplaces to join the Global Climate Strike.

The city encourages residents to participate and support in this global day of action.

“I’d like to thank the students for organizing this event, for spurring the discussion, and for pushing for action,” Mayor Alty said. “I look forward to hearing from residents, businesses, community groups, and all orders of government on what we can all do to work together to address climate change.”

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The city continues to see climate change as a real and imminent threat and in addition to the action they have already taken, the City pledges to discuss and implement the following initiatives to mitigate their own impacts on climate change:

• Council confirmed its commitment to “Prioritize adaptation to, and mitigation of, climate change” in its 2019-2022 Goals and Objectives;

• During the current election campaign, Council has asked all federal candidates to outline the actions they will take to help communities and residents reduce their greenhouse gas emissions;

• The City’s 2015-2025 Corporate and Community Energy Plan sets out goals and targets for Greenhouse Gas emissions;

• The City’s 2018 Strategic Waste Management Plan lays out objectives for waste reduction and diversion.

For more information on these initiatives, visit the city website at www.yellowknife.ca.

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