Rankin Inlet RCMP reminds motorists of school bus safety

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It’s that time of year when school buses are on the road again.

After receiving a number of complaints from the school bus provider, the Rankin Inlet RCMP would like to remind the public that they are required to stop for schools buses while the flashing red lights are activated.

“Please be cautious when driving near schools zones and buses,” Sgt. Earl LeBlanc, the commander of the Rankin Inlet RCMP Detachment said. “The safety of all our students across the territory is the responsibility of all drivers.”

Drivers are required to stop in both directions and ensure that all children have disembarked or boarded the school bus and flashing light and sign have been turned off prior to proceeding.

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Failing to stop for a school bus under Section 217 of the Nunavut Motor Vehicle Act currently carries a $115 fine.



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