Aurora Maple Syrup revitalizes gold rush in Yellowknife

Olsen says the bottles are a limited edition with only 250 being produced in the first run of the product. Arthur C. Green/The Moose
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Nothing is more Canadian than the gold rush and maple syrup. This sparked an idea for one Yellowknife businessman to develop a truly extraordinary creation which is a taste of pure Canadian luxury.

Arthur C. Green/The Moose

Made right here in the historic gold rush town and the aurora capital of the world, this 100 per cent organic maple syrup has mineral riches added in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories (NWT).

The product is called Aurora Maple Gold and was developed by YK gold and silver owner Jake Olson. Olson is originally from Calgary, Alberta but has made Yellowknife his home for the last 17 years.

“What I have been trying to do is create products and incorporate gold into them and our newest product line is called Aurora Maple Gold,” Olson said. “It is a luxury maple syrup product that’s basically an across Canada effort to kind of put this together.”

Jake Olson gives the Moose 100.1 FM a sneak peak at his new creation. The product will hit shelves later this month. Arthur C. Green/The Moose

Olson says there is a distributor in Summerland, British Columbia that has the rights to distribute some of the finest maple syrup in Canada from New Brunswick, which got him thinking.

“It’s a very select region that has been known for some of the best trees and some of the best quality maple syrup,” Olson said. ” I reached out to the distributor with an idea that basically incorporates 24 karat gold into the maple syrup to kind of create like this ultra-luxury Canadian experience inside of a bottle.”

Olson says the bottles are a limited edition with only 250 being produced in the first run of the new product.

“It’s something that’s very unique and hasn’t been done before,” Olson said.

Olson hopes the product will revitalize the gold rush in Yellowknife for the tourists that visit the area.

Arthur C. Green/The Moose

“When tourists visit this place they’re experiencing to experience the gold rush in some way or another,” Olson said. “I offer a product that has 24 karat gold in it, minerals which are local to the area.”

The bottle comes in a satin-lined stylish box Olson says and gives a little history of the gold rush.

“It’s kind of like an educational immersive souvenir product,” Olson said. “If you want to feel like a king when you’re eating your pancakes you definitely need Aurora Maple Gold and it tastes even better.”

The product will be available for purchase at the end of September and is produced in the North.

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