Aurora photo workshop focused on teaching beginners

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Imagine shooting amazing photographs of the Northern lights like a professional, well now you can.

Beginning on Friday, September 6, 2019, Sundog Adventures is offering aurora photography workshops every Tuesday and Friday evening, led by Yellowknife photographers, Bill Braden, Martin Male and Lenora Barrett.

 “We’ve put together a very talented team of photographers and have a fantastic venue to offer the workshops. Aurora photography is not complicated but there are several steps that we will teach which will help create spectacular photos,” Braden said.

Learn the legends and science of the aurora, essential camera settings, composing and light painting, including overviews of time lapse and processing images. The workshop, which costs $75 per person, includes a one-hour classroom presentation followed by hands-on aurora photography around Old Town. practice outside.

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Participants are required to bring a sturdy tripod; a digital camera capable of basic exposure and lens adjustments; wide angle (at least 24mm) lens and if available, the instruction manual for the camera.

Photographer Bill Braden, and Sundog Adventures owner, Richard McIntosh, launched the partnership and workshops during the winter of 2018. Due to positive response and request to continue the workshops they have decided to run regularly scheduled workshops each Tuesday and Friday evening until the end of October which will continue again in December.

For more information, photos of the workshop and to register visit

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