Northern leopard frog listed as threatened in the NWT: report

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Two animals have been added to the territory’s list of species at risk.

Environment minister Michael Miltenberger has listed Dolphin and Union caribou as a species of special concern and the northern leopard frog as a threatened species in the NWT.

“Listing a species means a management plan or recovery strategy must be completed for it, ensuring it persists in the Northwest Territories,” said Miltenberger in a press release.

Wildlife management authorities now have two years to complete a management plan for Dolphin and Union caribou and a recovery strategy for the northern leopard frog.

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The term of each listing is 10 years. Species can be re-listed, changed to a different status or taken off the list entirely during that window.

Altogether, six different species appear on the territory’s list of species at risk, which was put into place in 2010.

Last March, the polar bear was listed as a species of special concern in the NWT while the boreal caribou, Peary caribou and hairy braya were listed as threatened species.

For more information on species that are listed or species that are under consideration to be listed, click here.

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