Shocking statistics released surrounding alcohol related hospital visits; Feds settle secret lawsuit over immigration application process

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Alcohol responsible for 50% of Canadian hospitalizations

Alcohol is responsible for more hospital visits than heart attacks and strokes combined in the country. The Canadian Institute for Health Information said between 2017 and 2018, 400 Canadians per day went to the hospital for sickness or injuries related to alcohol. The numbers amounted to half of all total hospitalizations.

Canada settles group litigation over unfair immigration process

Apparently, the Canadian government settled two lawsuits in secret regarding an immigrant process. CBC reported it was over an online application to reunite immigrants with their families. The lawsuits claimed the process was flawed and unfair. The government awarded 70 spots to sponsor family members and resolve the group litigation.

Wild pigs pose a big risk to crops and vegetation

Wild pig numbers are exploding in Canada and are considered one of the most invasive species. Researchers warned the animals can rapidly spread disease and destroy crops and natural vegetation. The pigs were initially introduced in the 80s to diversify the countries livestock.

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