Former YK author crowdfunds children’s book on global waste

Malgosia Krol and the Q-Ts. Malgosia Krol photo
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A former Yellowknife resident, author and illustrator has received ‘overwhelming support’ to finance the creation of her second children’s book with a call to action to curb the problem of global waste.

In just under 15 days, Malgosia Krol gathered over $3,000 via online crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, the campaign is now on a stretch goal with the hopes of raising another $1,000. The book has an aim of inspiring the next generation to combat global waste and ‘(encourage) kids to start where they are, with what they have.’

The book follows the Quest-Terrestrials (or Q-Ts for short) as they adventure to earth and find out the world is facing an enormous problem with waste. “Vol. 2 has the Q-ts discover that planet Earth is in trouble and drowning in garbage, but it’s a good news story focusing on what people from around the globe are doing to help, no matter their life circumstance,” the campaign page states.

Krol says she will self-publish the book under Sowka Publishing, her own Indie press. The money gathered through the Kickstarter campaign is the minimum expenses needed to publish the book, she adds.

Krol’s first book, Quest-terrestrials Vol. 1, was named to the Kirkus Review’s best books of 2018. The Q-Ts may also be coming to a screen near you, as Krol prepares to pitch the quirky green and grey extra-terrestrial creatures as an animated television series.

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