Alberta carbon tax on the block along with future green projects; Chinese President wouldn’t answer call from Trudeau regarding two arrested Canadian citizens

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Carbon Tax Repeal expected to pass Wednesday in Alberta

Green projects currently funded by Alberta will continue but there will be nothing new after the end of the month. The Carbon Tax Repeal Act is expected to be passed and implemented by May 30th. Cancelling the tax was one of one of new premier Jason Kenny’s campaign promises and said it doesn’t make an impact on greenhouse gas emissions.

Wildfire danger will rise but winds should help

While the dry weather will continue in Alberta wind directions are expected to help fight the wildfire tearing through the north. Premier Jason Kenney said the danger will increase but fire officials add the southeast winds will help keep flames away from houses and buildings. Thousands have been forced from their homes.

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Canada no closer to getting two citizens released from China

A former Canadian ambassador to China has “limited expectations” when it comes to Canada getting two citizens released from custody. In an interview with CTV, he said even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the Chinese president personally, he wouldn’t answer. The two men were arrested for allegedly stealing state secrets.

NK ambassador tells Trump to think of consequences after seizing ship

North Korea isn’t taking the seizure of its second largest cargo ship by the U.S. lightly. The country’s UN ambassador said President Trump should consider the consequences of the action and to return the vessel immediately. The ship was first detained in April of 2018 but was seized earlier this month after it was confirmed North Korea tested missiles.

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