Prime Minister Trudeau extends best wishes for new royal baby; Ontario and Quebec won’t take part in alert test

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Prime Minister Trudeau sends best wishes for new royal baby

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is sending Canadian well wishes to the world’s newest royal parents.

Prince Harry announced his wife, the former Meghan Markle, gave birth to a healthy boy early Monday morning. There is no word yet on what Canada is giving the seven-pound-three-ounce baby, who has not yet been named.

Ontario and Quebec won’t take part in nationwide testing for Canada’s Alert Ready system

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Ontario and Quebec won’t take part in what was supposed to be a nationwide testing of Canada’s Alert Ready system on Wednesday.

Public Safety Canada says the country’s two largest provinces are opting out because they don’t want the alert sent to residents dealing with historic flooding. The system has been in wide use for about a year and is designed to send out alerts on everything from natural disasters or biological and terrorist threats.

Latest Canadian police agency launches pilot program for reviewing sexual assaults

The Regina Police Service is the latest agency in Canada to launch a pilot program that allows sexual assault cases to be reviewed by outside experts.

The service says it will be trying the program first used in Philadelphia that allows external advocates to help police review sexual assault and abuse cases to ensure investigations are thorough and correctly classified. Last summer, Calgary police announced they would begin reviewing case files using the same approach.

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Coalition calling on Canada to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030

A coalition of unions, Indigenous groups and celebrities is calling on Canada to cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030.

Members of the coalition held events Monday in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver and proposed “The Pact for a Green New Deal” — which they say will drastically cut emissions, create a million jobs and recognize the rights of Indigenous peoples. The coalition’s website calls for people around the country to unite and come up with a shared vision for what The Pact for a Green New Deal would look like.

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