Sandy Kalgutkar is GNWT’s new associate deputy minister of infrastructure

Sandy Kalgutkar, left, and Kelly Bluck talk to reporters about the NWT's financial outlook in 2016.
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The GNWT’s Department of Infrastructure has a new associate deputy minister, who will oversee major infrastructure projects including the Taltson hydroelectric expansion, Slave Geological Province corridor and the Mackenzie Valley highway.

Sandy Kalgutkar is the department’s new associate deputy minister of infrastructure. A 29-year veteran of the NWT public service, Kalgutkar currently serves as the deputy secretary of the financial management board.

“He led the planning and implementation of the Mackenzie Valley Fibre Link project, the Government of the Northwest Territories coordination of the Stanton Territorial Renewal Project, and development of the Tłıchǫ All Season Road,” a GNWT news release states.

Last year Kalgutkar was recognized for his commitment and achievements as a public servant, with the Dave Ramsden Career Excellence Award presented by NWT Premier Bob McLeod.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Kalgutkar for many years, both as a Member of Cabinet and as a senior manager with the GNWT. He has been instrumental in helping to deliver some of the biggest and most significant infrastructure projects our government has managed and is ideally suited to continuing this work in his new role,” McLeod states.

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