Surgeries, CT scans cancelled as hospital works to repair machinery

Stanton Territorial Hospital
Stanton Territorial Hospital. (2015)
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Twelve surgeries and 45 CT scans have been cancelled at Stanton Territorial Hospital as the machines needed to carry out these procedures are out of service.

The computer tomography (CT) scanner and the sterilizer units, used to sterilize instruments for surgeries, are out of service. While these two issues are unrelated, a spokesperson for the Northwest Territories Health and Social Services Authority says repairs are ongoing.

Patients who have had their procedures cancelled will be contacted directly, the NTHSSA states.

The hospital can still carry out emergency procedures. There are back up sterilization machines in the hospital, so emergency cases are being prioritized and some ‘priority procedures’ might still go ahead depending on ‘sterilization capacity.’

Patients can also be transported south for any procedures which can’t be done at Stanton.

“As always, for any patients that require urgent or emergent services that exceed Stanton’s current capacity, NTHSSA maintains the ability to send individuals to Alberta.”

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