Mould removal at William McDonald postponed to summer

William McDonald Middle School
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Mould found at William McDonald Middle School won’t be removed until summer break. Contractors have treated the area and superintendent Metro Huculak says it doesn’t pose a danger to students or staff.

The mould was found in late February in a classroom which wasn’t being used and the wall outside the classroom. Huculak says air quality tests done then came back clean. “Safety is paramount for us,” he says, adding air quality tests will be done bi-weekly.

“One room will not be used at all because we don’t need to use it and the other one has been sprayed and encapsulated,” Huculak says.

The contractors were not sure they would be able to complete the mould removal over spring break, so they instead sprayed Aegis antimicrobial spray. “This coating actively prevents and controls the development and transfer of bacteria, viruses, mould, fungus, yeast and algae 24/7 once applied and bonded to a surface or textile,” Kasteel Construction, the contractors who did the work, states.

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A letter was circulated to parents March 14th detailing the decision to postpone remediation. The plan was previously to have the work done over spring break.

A full remediation of the mouldy areas will go ahead this summer. Huculak told MyYellowknifeNow the mould growt was caused by leakage from heavy amounts of snow impacting the aging roof, which the GNWT says will be repaired this summer.

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