Winter road update: Tlicho roads open for daytime travel

Tlicho winter roads are now open during the day, after being confined to nighttime travel only as record-breaking temperatures hit the region. GNWT map
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Restrictions on Tlicho winter roads have been lifted, opening roads up for travel during the day.

The roads are now open for travel at all times, after being open for nighttime travel only over the past few weeks as temperatures reached record-high levels in the Tlicho region.

The winter roads are open for the following gross vehicle weights: Whatì, 36,000 Kg; Gamètì, 20,000 Kg; Wekweètı, 14,000 Kg.

The Tlicho government is warning drivers on the Gameti winter road to watch for ‘exposed rock and rough sections on entrances to portages’, as well as equipment working on all winter roads. Fuel trucks will also be re-supplying around the Highway 3 and Gameti junction.

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The GNWT Department of Infrastructure has been warning ice crossings could close with little notice. They now expect ice crossings to Fort Simpson and Wrigley to close for the season Friday, April 5th.

The Sambaa K’e and Mackenzie Valley winter roads have already closed for the season.

The infrastructure department is deterring anyone from driving on closed winter roads, reminding drivers of a hefty fine if they disobey the rules. “It is unsafe and illegal to drive on a closed winter road. The fine for operating on a closed seasonal road is $863.”

Up-to-date road conditions are available here.

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