Annual handgame tournament returning to Behchoko

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Handgames is about to take over Behchoko. The Ediwa Weyallon 14th annual Handgame Tournament in Behchoko is taking place from March 14th-17th at the Behchoko Cultural Centre. A total of $100,000 worth of prizes will be awarded to teams in the tournament this year.

The 9-player teams (8 players, 1 alternate) are all 16 years old or older. Each team has payed $2000 to play and 8 will be going home with prize money.

1st Prize – $30,000
2nd Prize – $20,000
3rd Prize – $15,000
4th Prize – $10,000
5th Prize – $8,000
6th Prize – $7,000
7th Prize – $6,000
8th Prize – $4,000

GNWT has warned the public that the tournament will cause heavy traffic on Mcakenzie Valley Winter Road during the week.

This won’t be the only handgame tournament in NWT communities in the coming week. Gameti will also be holding their John D Quitte Handgame Tournament from March 8th-10th. This tournament will be for kids 15yrs or younger and will be held at the Community Hall.

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