China releases new details on detained Canadians; Shaky start to morning for Red Deer

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China claims two Canadian diplomats were stealing state secrets together

Chinese officials claim two detained Canadians worked together to steal state secrets.
The details come days after the extradition hearing for Huawei’s CFO was given the green light by Ottawa. The two former Canadian diplomats were arrested shortly after the Chinese exec’s detainment in Vancouver last year.

Huawei CFO sues Ottawa for breaching rights

Meanwhile, the Huawei CFO is taking aim at Ottawa with a new lawsuit.
She claims her arrest in Vancouver was a breach of her constitutional rights. She’s at threat of being sent across the border to face fraud and trade-related charges in the US.

Earthquake shakes Red Deer area in Alberta

A light earthquake may have shaken a few cupboards in Red Deer this morning.
Earthquakes Canada confirmed a 4.6 magnitude tremor hit the area just before 6am this morning. Officials say it would have only caused a light tremble when it hit.

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