Inuit woman claims denied service at Yellowknife Liquor Shop based on race

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Yellowknife, NWT – The Northwest Territories Human Rights Commission has received a complaint from an Inuit woman who says she was refused service in Yellowknife because of her race.

Yellowknife resident Bessie Kahak says she was refused service at the Liquor Shop on Old Airport Road back in March.

She says the cashier said she wouldn’t serve her because she’d been drinking.

The manager was called and agreed that Kahak hadn’t been drinking yet sided with his cashier and refused to serve her.

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We spoke to Kahak by phone Thursday.

“I’d like for them to train their staff on prejudice and I’d like for them to say they’re sorry for what they’ve done. I was to go this far but I had to speak out for myself because no one else would do it for me. If I let it go I know it would either happen to me again or to someone else.”

The store manager has refused to comment.

The Commission says privacy rules prevent it from it confirming if it’s received the complaint.

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