BEFORE THE BELL: Investors waiting on new details from US China trade talks; Walmart set to release earnings this morning

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A lot is riding on US China trade talks this week as North American markets are expected to stumble out of the gate for this shortened trading week. Experts suggest investors are feeling a bit of fatigue waiting for progress on trade talks, but as a new round starts in the US again this week, optimism could take over once again.

A positive nod from one of the biggest global retailers could also help boost investor confidence. Walmart is set to release its earnings report this morning, giving an indication on how both its brick-and-mortar and online retail sales are doing against other competitors like Amazon.

Crude is continuing to gain momentum as the price for US oil pushes to 56.46 a barrel.

Despite the energy boost, the Loonie is slipping to 75.4 cents US.

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