An announcement means faster internet for the North

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Fort Smith and Norman Wells will soon be able to stream their favourite shows that much faster. Northwestel has announced that there are now boosts available for their internet. It can now provide internet 125 for residences and business internet 150 in both communities. Northwestel says the internet speeds are at least 25% faster then what was previously available in the communities. The company also says the new packages also come with an additional 100 GB of data.

Northwestel President Curtis Shaw says the new packages deliver a new, exciting option for customers who want more.

“Today’s announcement will mean greater flexibility for residents and businesses in those communities”

Fort Smith’s Senior Administration Officer Keith Morrison says this is important for Northern business owners and entrepreneurs competing in a digital marketplace.

“That means the competitiveness of our residents and businesses is directly tied to the speed of our internet. Faster internet will go a long way toward helping the business community here.”

Norman Wells and Fort Smith joins Yellowknife, Whitehorse and Carcross with access to this internet speed.

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