Yellowknife named second best fishing location in Canada

Great Salve Lake. Photo supplied by Aurora Village.
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Great Slave Lake, the 10th largest lake in the world and the deepest in North America has been named the second best fishing location in Canada for 2019 according to

Great Slave Lake is primarily known for Lake Trout, the most sought-after fish that can reach up to 75 pounds, the Northern Pike, with some of the bigger ones reaching the 40-pound range as well as Arctic Grayling, and Whitefish.

According to the blog, the best times to go fishing in Yellowknife are during the months of June to September.

“The pleasant summer months are a great time for fishing in Yellowknife. Not only are fish on the bite, but you can also catch them in the cool midnight sun. June is your best bet for trophy Lake Trout. Northern Pike is usually on the bite from late June to late September.”

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On the other hand, visiting Yellowknife between mid-November and the beginning of April will let you experience this area in a totally different light reads the blog.

“This is when the magnificent Northern Lights are on display in all their glory. This is also the perfect time to enjoy some of the best ice fishing Canada has to offer.”

The author also states that along with the great fishing, the area is dotted with comfy fishing lodges and houseboats for you to spend your fishing days and nights in.

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