Military exercise outside Yellowknife this week

Photo courtesy: Photo courtesy: Canadian Army on Twitter.
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Yellowknifers might noticed some military movement in the city’s area this week. The Yellowknife Canadian Army Primary Reserve sub-unit will be conducting an exercise named “Wolverine Blizzard 19” near Peg Lake, around 4 kilometres south of Yellowknife from January 25th till the 27th. Preparations for the exercise will begin on the 24th.

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment C Company will be carrying weapons, but will not discharge, and will hold no ammunition on them. The exercise is a winter survival and patrolling exercise. They will be constructing shelters, patrolling and conducting winter survival training in the area. The base camp will be located on the northern shore of Peg Lake.

Snowmobile trails in the area will be used by military traffic, but will remain open to the public. Civilian traffic or activities in the area will not be significantly impeded. The public is welcome to approach and talk to any participating soldiers if they wish to do so.

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