MID-DAY: Pot stocks push TSX higher to another winning day; Canadian inflation grows in December

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The TSX is heading towards another winning day to end out the week.

The Bay Street Index is getting a boost from pot and energy stocks, growing 71 points to 15,282.

The price of crude has been gaining steadily after OPEC reported a slowdown in production last month, which eased investor tensions about a buildup in supply. US crude is up to 53.92 a barrel.

The energy-tied Loonie is boosted to 75.47 cents US.

Canada’s currency is likely also getting a boost from a positive inflation report, as CPI grew 2 per cent in December boosted by holiday flights and a jump in vegetable costs.

Across the border the Dow is up 242 to 24,612 as investors are feeling renewed optimism on a possible trade resolution coming up between the US and China.

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