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Dettah-Yellowknife ice road to open soon

The ice road between Dettah and Yellowknife is currently under construction and expected to open shortly.

The Department of Infrastructure said on Thursday that all measurements recorded the day before indicate the thickness of the ice is at least 35 centimetres, the requirement to proceed with construction.

“The most important thing is to ensure the ice is at least 35 centimetres thick in all locations. The road is currently being constructed. It will likely be at least a couple days before the road opens.”

In the meantime, the department stated in an email to the Moose that it’s very important for folks to stay off the closed ice road “for their safety, the safety of our staff, and the safety of first responders.”

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Until construction is completed, it is illegal to drive on a closed winter road as the fine for doing so is $863.

Anyone wishing to drive to Dettah before the ice road opens must use the all-season Dettah access road off Highway 4 (the Ingraham Trail).

This will be the 4th consecutive year that the ice road has opened up after the New Year.

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