Ottawa targets drunk drivers with new roadside test law; Catholic officials urged to meet with sex assault victims

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Drunk drivers beware: Police have new freedom to give roadside tests

Canadian authorities now have more freedom to catch impaired drivers.
New legislation coming into effect today allows police officers to demand a breath test for any driver pulled over for any legal reason. The feds hope this new law will help police bring down the number of impaired driving-caused deaths on Canada’s roads.

Catholic Church officials urged to meet victims ahead of sex scandal summit

Vatican officials are being urged to meet with sex assault victims around the globe.
Pope Francis is holding a summit in late February to address an outpouring of sex abuse cover-up reports. But, before Catholic officials meet with the pope, organizers say they must meet with victims to get a better scope of the problem. Claims of cover-ups have come in from countries like the US, Chile and Australia.

Energy industry funding announcement expected from Ottawa

Ottawa is attempting to repair damage to the limping energy sector.
The feds are expected to announce a $1.6 billion fund being used to prop up the industry by helping with innovation, training and green energy growth. Alberta has been hardest hit as crude prices have dropped due to a lack of pipeline infrastructure to move the product to market.

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