AT THE CLOSE: TSX falls on energy weight, Dow pushed back up by tech sector

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The TSX is ending out the day in the red weighted by a continued slide in crude. The Bay Street index closed 66 points down at 14,728 after US crude fell to 50.82 a barrel.

Energy problems and Brexit stress is weighing on the Loonie, which is down to 74.59 cents US.

Across the border, the Dow came back to life in the last few hours, helped by the tech sector as Apple stocks started growing. The Wall Street index closed up 34 points at 24,423.

Stress over the US-China trade deal is expected to cause more issues tomorrow as a close date on a grace period between the two countries has been set for March 1st. US officials warn if a trade deal isn’t reached then, Washington will slap a new round of tariffs on Beijing.

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