Study finds Global warming projections worse than expected; Canadians online spending habits revealed

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Fossil fuel burning expected to make earth much hotter than expected

The UN is releasing new projections for global warming and they’re not good.
Scientists now suggest the global temperature to rise by up to 5 degrees by the end of the century if countries continue to burn fossil fuel. That’s three degrees higher than was originally expected. The report comes ahead of a climate change summit being held in Poland this weekend.

Binge-watching habits are getting more expensive in Canada

You’ll be paying more to feed your binge-watching addiction on Netflix.
The Canadian branch is increasing its prices for all three subscriber tiers, with the top two jumping three dollars each. The company says the price jump is meant to help pay for more original content creation.

New research shows average online spending in Canadian homes

How much are you spending on online purchases?
According to new research it’s likely in the thousands each year. The study on Canadian families found the average spend on online purchases is just over $2,700 per household. Researchers also found rural Canadians seem to spend less online compared to urban residents.

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