Large cracks appear on Fort Smith trail says GNWT

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Fort Smith residents have been being warned of “large cracks” along a local trail.

Monday morning, the GNWT Department of Lands tweeted “Fort Smith Residents: Large cracks have shown up on a frequently used trail between the boat launch and the cemetery. Cracks are a sign of slumping. Be cautious while on the trail and report any further cracking to the South Slave Lands Office.”

Fort Smith is no stranger to landslides as the town held a 50th-anniversary commemoration this past August for the 1968 landslide that broke away from the riverbank causing property damage and killing one person.

The riverbank area has since been sloped to stabilize it; and now the gentle hillside is known as the Riverbank Park, complete with groomed trails, picnic areas, and a viewing platform where one can see the Rapids of the Drowned.

The riverbank on either side of the re-mediated section is at risk. In June, another section of the riverbank just past the Pelican Rapids Golf & Country Club collapsed, taking with it the “Truicide” ski hill.

To report any cracks, contact the South Slave office at or call them at (867) 872-2558 ext 28.

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