2018-19 NWT winter to be warmer

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Yellowknife winter will be a little warmer than usual this year. With winter weather starting earlier this season in the NWT many wondered if this was a preview of what is to come. Weather Channel Meteorologist Brad Rousseau says that is not the case.

“Winter as a whole is expected to run around the same if not a little warmer. This winter might not be as harsh as usual. December is gonna be a bit below normal in terms of temperature, however, the latter half of winter will be slightly milder and will trend a little warmer than usual for winter.”

Despite the slow start this snow season, more snowfall in the back half of winter is also expected across the Yukon and NWT Rousseau notes.

“Snow season has been a little slow to begin with this season. It should pick up later in the winter and you guys should end up with the usual amount of around 60-65 cm of snow”

According to the Weather Channel 2019 Winter Forecast, warmer temperatures are expected to dominate much of the region during the winter, including all of the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

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