BEFORE THE BELL: Global markets weighted again by tech sector, trade war worries

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An attempt to pull out of the techno-slump may already be failing this morning. Global markets are showing signs of weakness after investors shrugged off tech sector and trade war concerns yesterday. But, those concerns are coming rolling back according to analysts, who suggest investors are preparing for a meeting between Donald Trump and the Chinese President next week.

Experts also suggest the tech sector cooling comes after those particular shares took off ahead of the rest of the market and are now course correcting.

The volatility in oil continues as US crude slips again to 54.25 a barrel.

Following Ottawa’s budget update yesterday where Finance Minister Bill Morneau committed to attracting more investment to Canada with more spending, the Loonie is gaining to 75.61 cents US.

Wall Street is on holiday starting today for the Thanksgiving long weekend.

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