MID-DAY: North American markets continue Wednesday slump; Brexit drama causing more investor stress

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Markets in North America are slumping on economic stress both here and across the pond. On Bay Street, the TSX is down 42 points to 15,090 and across the border the Dow is down 257 points to 24,823. Analysts say not even Walmart’s positive earnings report can help bring investors out of the spiral of fear caused by the potential of an increase in wages and another interest rate bump coming. Brexit stress continues to press on as Theresa May faces an uphill battle with various British officials resigning in protest of her draft divorce deal with the EU.

In Canada national home sales dipped in October about 1.6 per cent according to real estate officials.

The price of crude is easing out of its slide as US oil gains to 56.90 a barrel.

The Loonie is also growing to 75.65 cents US.

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