Mayor candidate Rebecca Alty

Rebecca Alty
One YK student will take the place of Mayor Rebecca Alty for a day in December. File photo.
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A city councillor is looking to take the next step. Rebecca Alty has sat on Yellowknife City Council for the past 6 years. On top of council Alty is part of the senior management team at Diavik as the manager of community relations and communications.


Alty says her experience on council, and outside she has a community relations and building past that she can use to build a better future in Yellowknife.


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“I want us to have a healthy and safe community that is both economically and socially prosperous. So making it a desirable place both for residents as well as economically viable for businesses”


Alty states that working on our power will help both residents and businesses in Yellowknife.


“The one thing is the economy and the economic development plan, but also working with the GNWT and our power distribution because we have the power franchise agreement coming up. But finding ways to make our power more reliable. So less blackouts.”

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She says she wants to continue the work on the 10 year plan to end homelessness. She is proud of the work her, and the other councillors have done on the plan and wants to see it come to fruition.


Alty says her leadership style is what makes her different than the other mayor candidates. She says she uses collaboration to achieve bigger goals and she listens to residents and administration when problems come forward to understand the problem to find a bigger picture solution.

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