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YK1 schools to provide after-school programs after fire

YWCA Yellowknife has announced that its after-school childcare programs will be suspended for the foreseeable future due to yesterday morning’s fire on 54 Avenue.

In light of this, all four of Yellowknife’s public elementary schools, École J.H. Sissons, N.J Macpherson School, Mildred Hall School and Range Lake North School, will provide after-school childcare services on-site to children who are registered with YWCA Yellowknife if no other arrangements are made.

All Yellowknife Education District No. 1 (YK1) elementary schools will continue to offer after-school childcare today and tomorrow for children who are registered for the service through YWCA Yellowknife.

YK1 says it won’t be able to offer similar services on Friday however, as staff will be participating in professional development day.

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“As a district, YK1 is thinking about everyone involved in yesterday’s tragedy and will continue to support those affected in any way possible,” a release from the public school board states.

The YWCA says its after-school program will resume next Tuesday.


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