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5 Reasons Wearing a Custom Fitted Suit Will Improve Your Confidence, Your Look and Your Bank Account

5 Reasons Wearing a Custom Fitted Suit Will Improve Your Confidence, Your Look and Your Bank Account

Bespoke: (adj) made for a particular customer; making or selling custom goods, especially clothing.

When you hear ‘custom made,’ you might think ‘expensive’ or ‘unnecessary.’ But you should really think …

  • Quality
  • Style
  • Look
  • Comfort
  • Choice
  • Selection
  • Long lasting
  • Design
  • And yes – Affordability!

Why Get a Custom Fitted Suit?

There’s something special about getting a suit especially made just for you. A custom fitted suit from For Men Only in Yellowknife never goes out of style and can instantly make you feel… special.

1. Better Fit

How many times have you wanted to keep a new shirt or pair of pants only to return them because they just didn’t fit quite right? Or how many things do you have in your closet that you don’t wear because they make you feel uncomfortable?

Fit means everything. When something fits properly and flatters your body, not only do you look good but you feel good.

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You decide how long you want the sleeves to be, how tight or loose the Jacket should be, and what kind of body length you want.

No matter your body type, custom suits from For Men Only will always highlight your best features.

2. Quality Materials

When you buy ‘off the rack,’ you literally take what you can get.

The selection of materials available to you at For Men Only may feel overwhelming at first. But start with ‘where’ and ‘when’ you might wear your new suit and let the circumstances dictate the materials you choose.

3. Personal Style

Custom clothing allows your personality to shine through – so be as creative as you want to be.
There are manufacturers who work with different fabrics along with multiple design options. Collaboration with your clothing retailer is key to creating a look that you will wear and love for a long time. Consider colours, collar design, cuff and pocket shape, and more.

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You have the power to make all of these wonderful decisions.

4. Save Time

Sometimes clothes shopping can be agony. It can be difficult finding something you like, something that’s unique, and something that fits.

But with custom made suit, you’re sure to get exactly what you are looking for. You know when it will be ready. And you don’t waste time hopping from store to store hoping to find exactly what you are looking for.

5. Clothes Last Longer/Save Money

Just because a suit ‘off the rack’ might cost less than something that is custom made just for you, doesn’t necessary mean that you are saving money.

Custom made clothing is a great long-term investment. They’re better material, use higher quality material, take greater care in the manufacturing process, and you are naturally saving money by not having to replace clothing more often.

Stores like For Men Only in Yellowknife know that people appreciate options. But they also know that people respect the quality and the timelessness that accompanies the purchase of a custom fitted suit – along with all the accessories you need to make any occasion… special.

Address: Lower level YK1 Mall, #22, 4802 50th Ave, Yellowknife, NT, X1A 1C4
Phone: (867) 873-5940
Website: http://formenonlyyk.com


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