WSCC Lay Charges under the Northwest Territories’ Safety Act

The Yellowknife Courthouse. (Photo by staff.)
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The Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission has laid five charges under the Northwest Territories’ Safety Act.

On June 29, the Workers’ Safety and Compensation Commission filed charges in the Northwest Territories’ Territorial Court under the act.

LSI Transport NWT Limited and Supervisor Richard German are charged with multiple counts, alleging various offences in violation of the Safety Act and the  Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.

Some of the charges include failing to provide an effective safeguard to prevent a worker from coming into contact with a dangerous moving part of a machine and ensuring that supervisors had completed an approved regulatory familiarization program.

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The alleged breaches stem from a 2017 incident at a worksite on Highway #3 south of Yellowknife.

The WSCC reminds all employers that their legislated workplace responsibilities include ensuring all workers and supervisors receive training and instruction necessary to ensure the safety of workers and the worksite; and ensuring that any machinery at the worksite has the sufficient safety measures in place to prevent incident and injury.

The first court appearance in this matter is scheduled for August 21 in Yellowknife.

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