Yellowknife MLA says NWT can learn from Nunavut premier’s ousting

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The premier of Nunavut Paul Quassa was ousted in a non-confidence vote today.

Julie Green, MLA for Yellowknife Centre, took to Twitter today, saying the Northwest Territories can learn a lesson from this.

Green said her tweet was a reflection on the midterm review of the executive council that took place back in October.

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“We had that debate at that time, and it turned out that there was non-confidence in one of the ministers, but he wasn’t removed,” said Green.

What came to mind for Green was the fact that it was a free vote, meaning cabinet members could vote according to their constituents’ wishes, their own wishes or a combination of the two.

“… And as a result, this non-confidence motion passed, and it was decisive and it was very quickly done. People didn’t talk around and around and around, the debate was over in under an hour. And I felt that we could really learn from the fact that they had a free vote and that they were decisive in their actions. And that’s something we didn’t accomplish last October. “

Why didn’t this happen here?

“I think the major issue is that cabinet’s solidarity was extended to the midterm review, and I think that really stood in the way of having a honest and open discussion,” Green said.

A free vote would be more in keeping with a consensus government, and may have even produced a different result said Green.

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“I just think that if what we have is consensus government, that means that each individual has a voice,” Green said.

“And if what we have is parties, then that means that there’s a discipline imposed and so I don’t think that the discipline imposed on the midterm review by cabinet was in keeping with consensus government.”


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