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Odd Job Squad Initiative launches today

The Odd Job Squad is a new initiative  launching today, by the Yellowknife Association for Community Living (YKACL) Employment Services.

The project seeks to assist under-employed individuals who self-identify with a disability to make some money from one-time or short-term work while they search for permanent employment.

“It’s been good, we’re getting quite a few inquiries actually, which was a surprise to us,” said project manager Junn Gesmundo.

Gesmundo said he feels the initiative provides a well-needed service.

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“It’s about temporary work while our clients look for long-term employment,” said Gesmundo.

“We know that some of our clients have challenges keeping a permanent job, so this is a good way for them to have a short term work and also get paid at the end of the job as well. So we just wanted something temporary for them, because we know they have a few challenges that’s beyond our control,” said Gesmundo.

Gesmundo said that people have been responding positively to the initiative.

“We’re getting calls from established employers in town, for example Unico… and Twist and Shout reached out to us as well, and regular household people inquiring as well.”

“Whether they’re painting a fence or getting their yards ready for the summer, stuff like that,” said Gesmundo.

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In order to apply for the Odd Job Squad, applicants can stop by the YKACL offices to do the required paperwork and goal setting.

Once the paperwork is complete, YKACL looks for permanent employment for the applicants, or, if they are looking for temporary or short-term work, will inform them about the Odd Job Squad.

“I think the whole idea is that we are trying to give a chance to people who happen to have a disability, to get involved in some income-generating activities,” said employment support worker John Balamaga.

“It could be short-term, it could be one week, it could be a few days, to make them feel useful to the community, that they are contributing something,” said Balamaga.

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