BEFORE THE BELL: Investors fret over US-Russia tensions; US inflation report to be released today

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Investor nerves are being tested again as Syrian troubles and US Russia tensions are shaking the global markets. Experts say investors are worried the US will take military action against Syria over a chemical attack, which will lead to retaliation from Russia. The Russian ruble dropped significantly by 2.3 per cent this morning.

This comes just a day after markets were bouncing back from last week’s China and US trade dispute, which reports say could be swelling up once again as talks may be breaking down between the two countries.

Investors are also nervous about US interest rates as the next inflation report from the country is released today. High inflation could lead to higher interest rates, which is bad news for riskier shares as investors may look for safer options.

The price of crude is reaching for a three year high as it gains to 66.02 this morning.

The Loonie is coming off a six-week high falling to 79.24 cents US.

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