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Wolf sightings warrant tips from ENR

The Department of Environment and Natural Resources is advising residents of wolf sightings near or around the Back Bay and Yellowknife Bay areas of Yellowknife, near N’dilo.

ENR says the sightings typically mean the occurrence of food being provided. ENR says that while it’s possible the food may not be intentional, it’s important to not feed wildlife. Also, do not leave food, fish entrails or other attractants outside your home, camp or cabin.

The Department has provided a list of tips to follow in case you encounter a wolf:

  • If you are walking with a pet, leash it immediately.
  • Raise your arms and wave them in the air to make yourself appear larger.
  • Use noise makers such as air horns, or throw sticks and rocks to scare the animal away.
  • If the wolf displays aggressive behavior, back away slowly. Do not turn your back on it. Do not run.
  • Use bear spray if you have it and know how to use it safely.

To report a wildlife emergency call the Regional ENR Office at 867-873-7181.

To report a wildlife sighting, call 867-767-9238 ext. 53247.

Be smart and stay safe!

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