MID-DAY: Job numbers boost Bay and Wall Street; Loonie climbing from earlier losses in week

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Bay Street is getting a boost following positive news about Canada’s job growth in February. The unemployment rate edged slightly lower to 5.8 per cent, more from an increase in part-time jobs. The TSX is up 39 points to 15,578.

The Loonie has also found strength as the US will be leaving Canada out of proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. The Canadian currency is up to 78 cents US.

Across the border Wall Street is riding high as the Dow is up 316 points to 25,212 following the US February jobs report. The unemployment rate remained around 4.1 per cent, which isn’t fueling investor fears that an interest rate hike could be coming from US policymakers.

The price of oil continues to climb to 61.79 a barrel.

Gold is coming back from an early morning slide up to 1,325.

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