MID-DAY: North and South Korean talks boost markets; Trump tariff talks garners criticism from Republicans

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A step in the right direction between the two Koreas is having a positive effect on the global markets. The Dow and the TSX opened higher this morning boosted by natural resource shares. This follows reports that North Korean officials are ready to set down their nuclear weapons and begin peaceful talks with South Korea and the US.

The Loonie is clawing back from tariff talk-related losses on Monday, up to 77.58 cents US.

Gold is gaining to 1,337 an ounce.

The price of oil has dropped slightly to 62.31 a barrel.

And Donald Trump isn’t getting support from his own people for tariff talks. The President has been criticized by other Republicans over the tariff threats on imported steel and aluminum, which is boosting investor confidence that a trade war may not be on the horizon.

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