2018 AWG tickets to be free for athletic events

Athletes compete in pole push. Photo courtesy: Arctic Winter Games (2016)
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We are just under a month away from the 2018 Arctic Winter Games.

Host Society President for the 2018 Games, Greg Rowe, says the Games have moved away from selling tickets for the events, saying there were capacity issues.

Now, Rowe says, the Arctic Winter Games will only sell tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies.

We’ve had some problematic issues with capacity for our venues, so to just avoid all of that, we’ve decided to make the events free. The only portion of the Games that we’ll be selling tickets for are the opening and closing ceremonies.

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Rowe says the Athletic events will have free admission. Those events will take place in both Fort Smith and Hay River.

Tickets for the opening and closing ceremonies in Hay River will be available this Friday, February 23rd.

The Arctic Winter games will begin on March 18th.

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