DST comes to an end this Sunday

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Time to get some shuteye.

Daylight Savings Time ends this weekend, making the clock go back an hour.

This means that sunrise in Yellowknife will skip to about 8:30 am by next week.

Fun Facts

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Europeans had already winded their clocks back an hour last week.

Certain States in the United States (Arizona and Hawaii) also choose not to follow Daylight Savings at all. This means these states fall into a different timezone during the summer.

The only exception for Arizona is the Navajo Nation, in the Northeast corner of the State.  Even weirder, the Hopi Nation, which is fully surrounded by the Navajo reservation, does follow Daylight Savings.

So, while Arizona and Hawaii may have seemingly perfect climates as we head into winter, at least we get that extra hour of sleep this weekend.


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