Tale of a Town hits Yellowknife

'Tale of a Town' covers the on-going de-localization of the traditional Canadian downtown.
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Hear the voices of Canada, including the people of Yellowknife.

This weekend you will have the chance to see ‘Tale of a Town‘.

The play features the stories of Canadians and their connection to their downtown core.

Creator and Performer Lisa Marie DiLiberto says the show always features a local twist.

Interestingly enough, the stories that we got when we were North, so in Yellowknife and in Whitehorse, are about the beginning of the towns. It’s fascinating, really. The first sidewalks, the first traffic lights… We had a man tell us how he shot out the first traffic light because he didn’t quite like it.”

Tale of a Town‘ will be showing at the NACC this Saturday at 7:30 pm.

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