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Justice Minister promises positive future for Mens Healing Program

The New Day men’s program might have a future after all.

Minister of Justice Louis Sebert is facing criticism from MLA’s for the handling of the mens healing program.

“The group therapy model and the curriculum is not changing. That will stay the same. What is changing is some of the administration around the program and that seems to be an issue” said Sebert at Fridays session of the 18th Legislative Assembly. “The program will become more flexible. This government is very interested in continuing this program. I can advise that we are dealing with some NGO’s and hopefully I will have good news in the next few weeks”.

Yellowknife North MLA Julie Green says the government is delaying a solution that is proven to help men who have perpetrated domestic violence.

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“If you’ve got something that works why wouldn’t you want to continue it. But the GNWT seems to have some information that we don’t have”, Green says to Moose FM. “I don’t really know what they’re working on that tells them that this program needs to be revamped in ways that the evaluation doesn’t speak to”.

The current funding for the New Day Men’s program is set to end on June 30th.

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