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Brrrlesque tickets become available, sell out in seconds

Tickets for this year’s Brrrlesque show sold out in a matter of seconds Sunday.

Brrrlesque, advertised as ‘the hottest show in town’, will celebrate its seventh year when it takes over Yellowknife’s Top Knight between Jan. 25 and Jan. 28.

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Performances often combine music, dance and theatre to expose Yellowknifers to the art of burlesque in a fun and tasteful way.

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Show creators Erika Nyyssonen and Camilla MacEachern admitted to ‘taking a leap into the unknown’ when they started Brrrlesque back in 2010.


“The first year we just thought, ‘wow are we even going to sell tickets? Are people even going to want to come see this show?’ Nyyssonen, also known as Gracie Finass, told Moose FM.

“We didn’t sell out in minutes that first year but we definitely filled the house. The excitement that that first show created has continued on and just brought each year to another level.”

MacEachern, who goes by the stage name Lhanda Plenty, says Brrrlesque has taken on a life of its own since it started seven years ago.

When her and Nyyssonen came up with the idea, they had no idea what form it would take or how popular it would become.

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Nowadays, people are lucky if they get their hands on a single ticket.

“It’s kind of taken on a life of its own and it’s almost like in some ways we feel that we have to kind of serve this machine and keep it going,” MacEachern said.

Her and Nyyssonen say Brrrlesque has transformed since 2010, attracting new performers and audiences every year.

The experience of performing in a show is often described as thrilling and empowering, says MacEachern.

Tickets for this year’s event became available online at noon on Sunday. Within a couple of minutes, people were posting online to say all four shows were sold out.

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