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Get belly dancing! New class opens in Yellowknife

If your moves at the Gold Range have been lacking of late – or you just want a navel novel way to get fit – belly dancing can help.

That’s the view¬†of ‘Jade’, the stage name of an instructor new to Yellowknife, whose classes begin at Mildred Hall School next month.

“It’s really not your typical, ‘Let’s get on the treadmill and run for half an hour,’ but it does make you feel healthy,” Jade told Moose FM ahead of her first class, on Monday, February 2.

“I think one of the best things is that it gives you such a good sense of rhythm. If you want to try out salsa or whatever, you already know how your body works and how to moves your arms and feet to the music. That helps in any setting.”

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Jade says she has been belly dancing for more than a decade, learning styles from other instructors in Venezuela, Mexico, the Middle East and Canada.

The series of 10 classes is aimed at women aged 16 and older, and it doesn’t matter if you have some experience or are a complete beginner. You do, however, need to bring comfortable clothes and a belly dancing scarf (any scarf, or piece of fabric to hang around your hips, will do).

“The plan is to have people come in and have fun,” Jade told us.

“Every single class, you will learn a new movement and the history of the movement.

“After we practise it a couple of times, then we’ll use it in a song. And who knows, by the end of it all, maybe we’ll be able to perform.”

You can use the City of Yellowknife’s eConnect website to find out more about the class. ¬†Select “Adult/Teen” and “Dance Programs”.

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